Beautiful Massage Tables, Spa and Salon Tables, and Equipment.

Browse our store and review our beautiful EarthLite products. You will find everything you need in massage tables,  spa and salon tables, equipment and supplies. The EarthLite brand is renown for perfect attention to detail, complete sense of luxury and reliable functionality and design.  All our products are shipped direct from the EarthLite world-wide warehouses by air freight or sea freight.  Currency exchange, 10% GST and international air transit charges have been applied. Ocean freight charges an local delivery are listed separately at checkout.  Unlike Amazon or international resellers, warranty is handled within Australia

Many of your daily massage therapy supplies are already warehoused here in Australia for you – Harmony, Vortex, Avila II, Bolsters, Warmers, and a range of wonderful 100% Cotton Flannel Massage Sheets and Linen. Other items, like EarthLite’s  Spa and Salon Lift and Electric tables, and customised massage tables to meet your requirements  are shipped by ocean freight to you from the USA.  Prices are provided for single purchases but we are happy to provide a quotation for two or more tables.



Looking to purchase an electric spa table that is not a stock item ?  Email us the details with your delivery location and we will provide a quote.  You have the opportunity to choose the colours, features, upholstery and accessories to suit your therapy needs.  Our shipping costs reflect the transit “door to door” process from the USA to Australia to your door. 

Why EarthLite Is A Great Reason to Brand Commit

Respect for nature and environmental integrity is at the core of the EarthLite company philosophy. EarthLite uses environmentally friendly materials and processes whenever possible and continues to recycle, minimise waste and build tables to last, so they won’t show up in landfills.  Earthlite treat employees like family, with honor and respect, and continually strives to make EarthLite a rewarding and fun place to work. EarthLite realises that it has a responsibility to give back to the world community and supports humanitarian projects through its EarthLite Response Team. EarthLite is committed to making all of its global manufacturing interests meet the same high standards as its operations in the USA