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EarthLite brand equipment such as massage tables, are offered here in Australia through the Australian Natural Health Group – authorised distributor for EarthLite in Australia.  Generally, portable and electric tables are offered as a ‘made to order’ item, allowing clinics, spas and therapists to choose their colour and table configuration requirements rather than “off the floor” products.  However therapists can still buy daily EarthLite brand supplies and smaller products here locally and on-line.

Why do we offer massage tables and equipment as a “made-to-order” item ?  This ensures you can choose the colour, model and design of the EarthLite table you have your heart set on. Certainly there is a short wait on custom-built items, but they are truly worth the wait.


We send our goods by road, air freight and  sea freight, depending on which global warehouse the goods you require are stored.  As you will no doubt be aware, lift and portable massage tables, chairs and accessories can be expensive to move from one side of our planet to another, so we do our best to keep this cost as low as possible.  We offer supplemented ocean and air freight and co-operative shipping plans to assist in the cheaper availability of EarthLite brand products. All freight costs include port charges, customs and import duties unless otherwise stated.

If you require a number of tables, or require electric tables, we would recommend a sea freight quote. This will reduce your cost considerably.

We have three shipping schedules – these appear below each product description:

Goods In StoreFly Buy - USA - 3 weeksBuilt to Order - 5 weeks


If you are familiar with EarthLite brand products you will also know that the cost of goods promoted at the manufacturer site are displayed in USD ex tax, ex shipping.  While we are happy to cost out your purchases in USD for customers outside Australia – our EarthLite products are advertised in AUD inclusive of GST and all international shipping costs.   The pricing we advertise on this site is the equivalent price based on current exchange conversions and factor in duties and charges by both banking institutions and import authorities, as well as international freight charges.

If you wish to pay in USD or NZD please request a quotation.

Sales Tax

All goods sold in Australia, for Australian addresses are inclusive of GST (10%) goods and services tax in Australia. This is a requirement by law even though goods are shipped in direct from the USA or other world-wide EarthLite warehouses,  we are required to pay GST on all imported goods as we bring them through our sea ports, airports or third party handlers who on-ship your goods locally.

All goods sold to customers outside Australia are not charged GST.  However, any local charges for customs, import or  taxes are payable by the purchaser, and are not included in shipping, product or delivery costs charged on this site.  We unfortunately are unable to make determination of those costs.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

As a distributor for EarthLite in Australia, we abide the terms and conditions of sale by the manufacturer. This includes warranty offers and manufacturer statements on quality and performance.  It does not include ‘change of  mind’ on custom ordered goods or goods shipped from the USA.  Nor does it include change of mind on used or opened goods.


All goods offered with a manufacturer’s warranty are subject to warranty assessment by the manufacturer.  This means if something goes wrong or is unexpected in the performance of a product, EarthLite will consider your claim once the item is returned for inspection.  Within Australia, if the item is bought from us, it can be sent at the customer’s expense to us as the re-seller rather than the USA.

Once we  have viewed the item and considered the “Written Return Request” by the customer,  we  can submit for warranty ASSESSMENT on the customer’s behalf directly with the manufacturer.  This prevents unnecessary cost and delay for customers in Australia who would under other circumstance be required to ship the item direct to the manufacturer in the USA.

The manufacturer may on assessing a claim:

  • offer to repair the item
  • offer to replace the item
  • offer money back
  • reject the claim

Whatever the outcome, the decision rests with the manufacturer.  Just as it would if you bought a car, an appliance etc.  The decision does not rest with the reseller (us).

Because we value your custom we, as the distributor and reseller of EarthLite may from time to time elect to reduce to your warranty return  costs by requesting photos and other evidence that can be used to assist in the warranty claim.  The manufacturer also reserves the right to still request the customer pay for the goods (exchanged, repaired or otherwise) to be returned.  Repeated returns on the same item will be assessed in line with national data held by the manufacturer on product performance and failure world-wide.  If they see no evidence of similar product failure world-wide, after the initial warranty repair or replacement they may decline to offer further warranty on the same goods arguing a cause for failure to take reasonable ‘care and use’ as set out in product information here and more particularly in the documentation provided with all EarthLite goods.  This includes, manuals, booklets, labels, care instructions and supporting information.

Receiving a Warranty Replacement or Repair (or product return)

When the manufacturer has determined the action  they can take to restore an item, replace an item or simply return an item, the manufacturer has agreed that our Australian customers, need only pay for local freight costs, As a special condition for our customer within Australia, the manufacturer will in most cases (not all) cover the  international freight.

Receiving a warranty replacement or repair may take time, while this can be frustrating, we do not accept liability for lost earnings while customers wait for the manufacturer to settle a warranty claim. Where possible, if a claim is approved by the manufacturer and stock of the same nature is held in local warehouses, the local item will he despatched in lieu of warranty replacement.

Terms of Sale

When you make your purchase through this webstore, the following terms apply:

  • All goods must be paid for honestly and in full,  prior to despatch
  • Goods may be available locally or require international freight
  • Goods will include a GST component within Australia
  • Goods purchased outside Australia may incur additional customs clearance and local taxes.  These are not included
    in the sale of goods nor the delivery charge posted here
  • Goods damaged during transit will require a statement lodged with the carrier at the time of receipt and time of claim.
    without these statements we will not replace the damaged goods.
  • In making a purchase, the customer understands and accepts the following

We will:

  • inspect goods for condition and quality prior to packaging and distribution
  • check your delivery instructions and comply with them as best as possible
  • we will issue a tracking # so you know where your delivery is and when  to expect it
  • ensure your local post office holds your goods up to 7 days if you were not home for delivery
  • submit custom-built or other custom  orders to the manufacturer within 3 business days of receiving your order
  • make clear any international and or local freight cost at the time of purchase
  • cover the transit insurance of your goods
  • supplement the actual freight and local delivery costs from our reseller margins to deliver as cheaply as possible
  • support your warranty claims where clear product failure is evident, and will advise if we believe the manufacturer warranty does not apply
  • send replacement goods free locally within Australia where an error has been made by our despatch team
  • do everthing we can to ensure your customer experience is a pleasant one, and you and your customers enjoy EarthLite products
  • monitor and uphold the manufacturer’s commitment to the use of ‘earth-friendly’ product elements, finishes and processes including recycling, re-use and regeneration.
  • monitor and uphold the manufacturer’s work safe, work friendly business practices

We will not:

  • re-sell used goods
  • accept returned goods where an error has been made in ordering or despatch if they are not in their original packaging, unused, unwashed, free from odour and clean.
  • accept returned goods without a ‘return request form’
  • pay or recompense for the shipping of returned goods where a customer error has occurred  – i.e. colour, wrong address etc
  • accept returned goods outside the 7 day notification  period.
  • accept liability where the manufacturer decides not to uphold a warranty claim
  • respond to complaints that are outside the our scope of authority, where the matter has been referred to and responded to by the manufacturer.

A Note About International Resellers

We do from time to time hear from customers that they see EarthLite branded goods advertised on re-seller sites such as Amazon, or businesses within the USA, UK and so on.

While the initial price is attractive, often the actual sale is not honoured at the initial displayed price.  But but more importantly, the buyer is unaware that there are no warranty options available within Australia should there be a fault or issue with the product.  It is important to know that any EarthLite branded product purchased outside Australia must be returned to the USA at the customer’s expense to be reviewed for warranty and any replacement or repaired item forwarded back to Australia may also be at the customers own expense. Shipping costs between the USA and Australia are approx $350 USD per table or massage chair !

Please choose your EarthLite brand supplier carefully.  Are they an “Authorised Distributor” ?  Can they cover your warranty locally ?