Massage Table Accessories

Massage Table Accessories and Table Upgrades

Now that you’ve found your perfect massage table, you can browse here for matching massage table accessories, tools and upgrades to enhance your practice. If you have chosen a table that has additional upgrade features and accessories available, you will find them here and can add them to your purchase.


EarthLite carries a very large range of massage table accessories. Face cushions, linen, warmers, table upgrades like footrests, double lock knobs and even the detail of upholstery type, colour and feel.

From a deep tissue massage, to a standard facial, cushions keep your clients comfortable during treatment, Earthlite offers top quality cushions with high-tech engineering to combat “cradle face.” Begin your accessory search with the perfect face cradle. For the budget-minded, Earthlite offers a basic Crescent headrest that has all the comforts your clients need during each session. Earthlite’s Flex-Rest model also moves with the client for the most comfortable face down position possible. The top-of-the-line headrest, called the Caress, also has the flexibility options of the other models, along with reducing pressure points across the face.

Add a Universal Hanging armrest to your massage table to see the change in dynamics. With two separate armrests, your clients hold their arms below the table, allowing you to access deep into the back with your hands. Upgrade your table even further with a Deluxe Hanging armrest. You can also turn your massage table into a salon-ready chair by adding Salon Style headrests, neck rolls, and flex arms.

Earthlite supports you and your massage business with the best equipment available in the industry. Upgrade your accessories today to encourage more visits from loyal clients.