Best quality Spa and Salon Table

Electric Lift and Spa Massage and Treatment Tables

Spa and Salon tables can be difficult choose. Where do you start ?  Begin with the design, the materials used, the features offered and consider what everyone has to say about the brand quality and attention to detail.  The common answer worldwide is “EarthLite”

Your massage table says a lot about your business, from a casual perspective to your professional image.  Outfit your massage business with a table that matches your style, and performs the way you need it to. There are two points of focus, your physical needs as a therapist and how easy you can work with your table, as well as the needs of your clients. How does the table feel, look and meet their expectations during a massage therapy session.  We offer a superior range of lift spa and salon tables that wont disappoint.
For Spa and Salon therapies, the Everest Eclipse and Everest Eclipse Tilt models offer top quality in an electric lift tables. Complete with a sturdy cabinet below the table, you control the height adjustments with fluidity using a control switch. The Lift, Tilt and Salon models all use a single pedestal height adjustment using a metal construction throughout the base. You choose the upholstery color to match your office perfectly. It is even possible to select an electric or manual mechanism, depending on your budget and daily needs.

There are many more lift tables to choose from, including the well priced and very popular Ellora and Ellora Vista range.