Massage Chairs

Massage Chairs – Seated Massage Therapy

Seated massage using a great massage chair allows therapists to successfully offer their wellness services  in workplaces, airports, shopping centres and massage events. Wherever a seated massage therapist can find a workable space, they can give short and effective  massage sessions without the liability of customers needing to visit a clinic, disrobe, or take a full hour out of their day for treatment. This is great for workers, mums and dads, travellers, and people on the go.

EarthLite provide high quality massage chairs, expertly engineered, light, easy to carry, easy to set up, and provide customer’s with the ultimate in comfort.   EarthLite’s portable chairs are adjustable and can be set up virtually anywhere.  Each massage chair come in a variety of upholstery colors and are designed with soft, plush foam for your customer’s comfort. They can easily be transported and set up in any home or office to provide soothing therapy. EarthLite chairs include adjustable face cradles, are squeak-free and easy to maintain.

Special offer on Vortex  Chairs – Black Upholstery.