Avalon Tilt Massage Table

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With handcrafted construction, premium materials, and a lifetime limited warranty – the Avalon XD Tilt Table is a perfect match for the serious massage professional.

Package includes: Flex-Rest™ Self Adjusting Facecradle with Strata face cushion, and a single pocket carry case

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The Avalon Tilt Massage XD Package 

The Avalon Tilt Massage Table is a popular EarthLite portable table that is precision crafted from solid hardwood Maple for strength and durability. It features full Reiki endplates to provide unparalleled balance and stability while offering easy client access. Combined with Earthlite’s innovative Flex-Rest™ Self Adjusting Facecradle with Strata face cushion, and a single pocket carry case, the Avalon Tilt Massage Table is a complete professional package designed to last a lifetime.

Avalon XD Tilt with 23 position Franco Hinge

Superior Materials and Construction

• Managed forest hard Maple and lightweight aircraft grade decking.
• Buttery soft, yet eco-friendly Natursoft™ upholstery in seven colors  including Black, Mystic, Teal, and Vanilla Crème.
• Luxurious 6.9 cm dual-density, CFC free cushioning system.
• 1000 lb. aircraft grade steel support cables.
• Precision milled and crafted by Earthlite.

Complete Professional Package

• Premium Avalon Tilt Massage Table with lifetime limited warranty.
• Patent pending Flex-Rest™ Self-adjusting Facecradle with Strata cushion.
• Heavy duty, single pocket carry case.

Standard Features:

• Managed forest hard Maple legs, braces and outlets
• Aircraft quality Russian Birch plywood decking
• Full-length piano hinge
• Mid-brace™ Cradle-lock Cabling System with 453.5 kilo test cables
• Shiatsu release cables
• Reiki Endplates
• Pro-Plush™ 6.9 cm Cushioning System
• Natursoft™ Upholstery in 8 colors
• Flex-Rest™ Facecradle
• Dual Maple headrest outlets
• Non-slip, Stablefoot™ Traction Pads


• Weight: 19 kilo
• Width: 76 cm
• Length: 185.5 cm
• Height Range: 58.4 cm  – 83.82 cm
• Static Weight: 1360.77 kilo
• Max. Working Weight: 340 kilo
• Lifetime Limited Warranty
• CE Mark


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