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The Healing Power of Massage Therapy

The healing power of touch through massage therapy has been known and practiced since earliest times. We know that the art of massage was practiced by the Greeks and Romans, in ancient India and China, and massage is even mentioned and praised for its healing powers in the Bible. Indeed the laying on of hands, prominent in so many religions for its healing powers, dates to the ancient practice of massage. The healing power of touch, well known and practiced throughout the ages, is still with us and indeed even more relevant that ever. Today, modern science and the ancient art of healing through touch have come together to help you feel, think and perform at your best.

Nowadays when think of massage therapy, we usually associate it with the Swedish style of massage pioneered by the 19th century Swede Per Henrik Ling. The Swedish massage is the most popular and well know style of massage across Australia today. It usually involves the client lying comfortably on a massage table draped in towels while the massage therapist manipulates the soft tissues and muscles for a relaxing, soothing expereince that works out the kinks, relieves tension and feels good. Swedish massage is the most widely practiced and most recognized form of massage therapy.

There are other lesser known styles of massage but what they all have in common is the goal of increasing the well being of the client. Some aim to heal or to treat specific injuries or underlying problems; other to soothe or relax the therapy client; and still others to manage chronic illnesses and complaints. Massage can be done on the seated or standing patient or, more traditionally, using a special massage table. There are any number of specialty types of massage, including, sports massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage and even baby massage. Then there are the really esoteric styles of massage including the thai massage that doesn’t much resemble the feel good massage at all, but sounds more like torture! Yet even this has the goal of increasing client well being.

However it is practiced, whether seated, standing or lying on  massage tables, and whatever the style, the benefits of massage are impressive. Massage has been shown to ease the chronic pain of those who suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis and other autoimmune disorders. It has also been demonstrated to help prevent and treat sports injuries and enhance performance for professional athletes and weekend warriors alike. Massage can also help increase alertness, significantly reduce stress and has proven useful in the treatment of mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Massage has even been linked to slowing the aging process!

Choosing the right massage table and equipment to support your brand or modality in massage therapy, is what is important to us at Earthlite Australia.

Massage Therapy Equipment and Supplies

Massage Therapy Equipment – Sourcing The Right Supplies

Choosing massage therapy equipment and supplies has become more of a mine-field over the last few years.  Massage Therapists have become more committed to higher quality supplies that will enhance their clients experience, but at the same time have become more concerned with price.  The concept of value for money has taken on a different tone.

Perhaps the reason for this has something to do with the large growth in shop-front massage stores, offering everything from head massage and foot massage to chair massage and of course relaxation massage.  Then there are therapists who have opened their own businesses from their homes, clinic or have joined a larger clinic, salon or spa.  The needs of each of these therapists appears to be very different.  Where one is happy to buy coconut oil from the supermarket, the other wants high grade pure oils of almond or blends of water dispersible oils that are nut free and organic.

So how do your choose where to buy your massage therapy equipment supplies ? Ask yourself what your points of commitment are.

  1. Do I want to use natural products, like 100% cotton, organic or pure ingredients
  2. Do I want my equipment made to last, with a good warranty and returns policy
  3. Do I want my equipment made from sustainable timbers, to have a light footprint on the world’s environment
  4. Do I want my clients to know that I value good quality massage therapy equipment and supplies because I also value their health

The list can be extensive, but we should all take a moment to consider what we really want in massage therapy equipment and supplies. Whether we are ready to be a conscious buyer – aware of where the goods come from, how they are made, how the employees are treated, what impact does the manufacture of the goods have on our environment, and is the manufacturer willing to stand by its statement of quality.

When it comes down to it, here in Australia, there are very few massage therapy equipment and supplies companies that can tick all the boxes.

We know we can.

Respect for nature and environmental integrity is at the core of the EarthLite company philosophy. EarthLite  uses environmentally friendly materials and processes whenever possible and continues to recycle, minimise waste and build tables to last, so they won’t show up in landfills.  Earthlite treat employees like family, with honor and respect, and continually strives to make EarthLite a rewarding and fun place to work. EarthLite realises that it has a responsibility to give back to the world community and supports humanitarian projects through its EarthLite Response Team. EarthLite is committed to making all of its global manufacturing interests meet the same high standards as its operations in the USA.

We are proud to offer at EarthLite Australia – a quality range of massage therapy equipment and supplies for massage therapists across the entire industry.

Massage Tables Australia – What to Buy ?

Massage Tables Australia – Brand Profile – EarthLite

Massage Tables Australia – How to choose a great table.

There are a number of brands of massage tables Australia. Some good, some very ordinary. The ‘throw-away’ culture has sadly found its way into the massage tables Australia market, with cheaper than cheap imports that last less than a year, provide no comfort, squeak, rock and fail.  What Australia has been missing out on, are tables and supplies of high quality, that are environmentally sustainable and of world-wide renown.  EarthLite ‘worlds #1 brand in massage tables’ is a brand that stands out in the crowd.  There are few who would dispute this.

EarthLite manufacture the highest quality massage equipment including, stationary and electric lift massage tables, massage chairs, massage accessories and massage therapy supplies of all kinds. We have a wide selection of products for all of your various massage therapy needs. Our EarthLite brand products and supplies combine the superb value of unparalleled performance for the massage professional, student, and at home user. All of our tables have time proven designs and engineering.  EarthLite hand make all their massage tables with love, which ensures the highest quality equipment. EarthLite state “We have so much faith in our products that we offer a lifetime warranty on many of our products”. That’s great commitment and belief in their products.

The EarthLite brand is the #1 choice for massage therapists. We only distribute EarthLite brand products because all their tables are ergonomically designed to fit various body types and heights, and offer plush foam padding to ensure the comfort of your clientele. Each massage table is extremely sturdy, durable and hand-crafted with only the finest earth-friendly materials. Choose from a variety of options, colors, materials, accessories and massage table packages to suit your needs.

EarthLite use only the best Maple hardwood and Russian birch plywood for solid, long lasting construction. EarthLite uses no rainforest hardwoods’ or wood from old growth forests. EarthLite depend solely upon farmed and renewable wood sources. We’ve yet to find a more luxurious vinyl and cushioning system than EarthLite’s earth-friendly, 100% PU Natursoft and Nature’s Touch vinyls. Other brands of Massage tables Australia have very little to compare.


Over a period of time, more and more people are seeing the benefits of massage. This means that more tables are being utilized as well. For both massage therapists and massage lovers, massage tables are essential. Providing a comfortable massage table for your client to lie on should be expected. If this is not the case, it will affect the entire massage experience. When shopping for a new or used massage table, there are several factors to consider.

First and foremost on the list of importance is the quality of the table. It should strong and stable. For this reason alone the cheapest one on the market will not do. An effective table should be well constructed so it will last for a long time no matter how much you use it or how much weight it has on it over time. So, make sure to check the weight limit of the table and ensure that it includes a good warranty. With that said, it’s known that EarthLite is one of the most reliable and solid manufacturing companies in the market. EarthLite has been providing massage therapists amazing quality equipment for years. Its reputation is well-earned and deserved.


If you are a massage therapist, the pros and cons of either portable or stationary are important to note. Portable tables are flexible enough to handle and light enough to carry to any venue. The drawback is that portable massage tables tend to bend a little bit. Therefore, if you want a stronger and more rigid table it’s best to choose a stationary table since they are not prone to flexing. Why is that? Standard stationary massage tables have higher weight capacities that are normally double the limit of portable models.

Keep in mind, there is upkeep and maintenance of either type. With portable tables that will be situated in busy massage centers, regular maintenance is required to ensure proper safety standards are met. In the long run, make sure when choosing between a stationary table or a portable table that you understand what your primary use will be. Below goes into more detail on how to decide between a stationary massage table and a portable massage table.


After knowing the difference of stationary to portable, you need to decide which one is ideal for your situation. For those who are new in massage industry, the bullet points below will point out the pros and cons of each.



  • Cheaper Initial Investment
  • Since it is portable, you can take it anywhere you have a client
  • Remarkably sturdy consider the portable nature of the table
  • Convenient
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible


  • Lower Weight Capacity
  • Harder to give deep tissue massages the table tends to “flex”



  • Stationary massage table is ideal for office only clients
  • More stable than portable massage tables
  • Stronger with Higher Weight Capacities
  • Provide a spa-like image


  • Not portable and harder to move
  • More of an initial investment

So how does EarthLite compare with other massage table Australia brands ?  Well few brands here are made by hand in Australia, most are either bought from other asian manufacturers or partially finished in Australia.  EarthLite hand makes all its tables in the USA or its own employee-friendly factories across the globe. When choosing any of our quality Earthlite products, know that our goal is to provide tables that are of the highest quality and excellence and to project professionalism at all times. Regardless of the table you choose, know that we believe in like EarthLite products, their company’s philosophy, and we want only to provide Australian Therapists with the very  best massage equipment available.